Right Click > Delete in TwwDBDateTimePicker



  • Roy Woll

    For the date to display blank, it would have to be a value of 0 which is equivalent to the 1899 date. It looks like in your screen shot that the time portion is not 00:00 so it would not display blank.

    I tried a simple project and deleted the date, and both the date and time were deleted for me, so it displayed blank for me.  I recommend creating a simple project we can run so we can troubleshoot the issue for you as I cannot reproduce your problem.

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  • Frontline Software

    Delete works fine, but it's Right Click > Delete that's the problem (Dataset needs to be put in Insert/Edit mode first).

    Attached is the project I built to demonstrate the issue. We use Advantage Database, so you'll probably need to swap out that part. Press Insert button to insert a new record, defaulting some dates to now(), and keeps it in insert mode. Then you do right-click>delete and tab out, seeing what happens in the grid.


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