• Roy Woll

    It is stored in the ControlType property.  You can manipulate it directly or use a procedure defined in vcl.wwcommon as follows.

    uses vcl.wwcommon;

       wwDataSet_SetControl(wwrecordviewpanel1, 'Buyer', 'CheckBox', 'True;False');

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  • Hector eduardo ballinas espinosa

    I am trying to understand: the ww control.

    buyer...What is this?

    checkbox... is the type


    Can you give me the syntax or more information about?

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  • Roy Woll

    For undocumented methods, open our source code. In this case see vcl.wwcommon.pas. The method is defined there.  The first parameter in your case would be the recordviewpanel, the second parameter is the filename, the third parameter defines it as checkbox, and the last parameter is the string value stored for checked/unchecked.

    procedure wwDataSet_SetControl(DataSet: TComponent; AFieldName: string;
      AComponentType: string; AParameters: string);

    To see how it is stored, you can modify the properties of selected at design time, and then view your dfm file to see the format.



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