Saving title menu filter settings when refreshing underlying dataset



  • Roy Woll

    I'm sorry for the late response. I overlooked this message. Are you saying you are closing and opening the query and it is not keeping the filter?  What do you mean by a refresh of the dataset?

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  • Stephen Everington

    HI Roy,

    Steps are as follows:

    Application runs query & presents data to a grid

    User sets their own filter(s) etc via the title menus on the grid

    User (or other users) carry out actions that changes data on server.

    User now wants to update(refresh) the data in their grid without loosing their filter(s) to reflect changes.

    The data is held in SQL server and I am using an ADOQuery to retrieve it.  My understanding is that I need to close and re-open the ADOQuery to "refresh" the data.  It is at this point that the filters are lost so I am hoping that there is a way of saving them prior to the close/re-open of the query so I can re-apply them afterwards.



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