Delphi Project file is gone



  • Marinus Willemstijn

    I have the exact same problem and cannot recompile wwrichedspellxp to use Office 2010 instead of XP. I notice after a month you still had no response???

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  • Jasper
    • NO response.

    • Very Good.
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  • Marinus Willemstijn

    Response I received but not sure this is helping me!

    This is because the USES clause of wwrichedspellxp still shows wordxp and not word2010!

    I am now 2 weeks behind on my migration already!

    Response received ...

    You will need to use the more recent dclofficexp260 package instead. See below.


    Note to Delphi users who are using the InfoPower TwwDBRichEditMSWord component for InfoPower Studio/Win32:

    It is important that you install the correlating InfoPower RichEditMSWord package based on the Office automation package you have selected.  For instance, you install the office xp automation package included with RAD Studio (Dcloffice260.bpl) and you should use the IPSTUDIOWINWORDXP260 design-time package. This package is located in your \infopower4krio\bin\20.0\win32 directory. You will also need change your uses clause in your Pascal source so that it references wwrichedspellxp, instead of wwrichedspell2000 or wwrichedspell.


    We also recommend omitting the InfoPower IPSTUDIOWINWORD* runtime packages from your list of runtime packages for your project, as this removes the requirement to distribute both the corresponding ip*word* packages, as well as the office automation package. Omitting the these InfoPower runtime packages from your project will add only about 10K to your executable size.


    TwwRichEditBar and SpellCheck: If you wish to use the Microsoft spell checker with the TwwRichEditBar component, you will need to add code to your OnSpellCheck event to call MSWordSpellChecker.  For instance, you can add the unit wwrichedspellxp to your form’s uses clause and then call MSWordSpellChecker from your OnSpellCheck event of the TwwRichEditBar.RichEdit component.

    Uses wwichedspellxp;


    procedure TMainDemo.wwRichEditBar1RichEditSpellCheck(Sender: TObject);




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