Can't run FirePower MainDemo


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    Roy Woll

    Your "program files" directory requires administrative privileges to write so the dcus cannot be generated. Instead use the demos in the public documents folder. The do not require any special privileges to compile. See the OverviewFirePower.pdf file in your installation directory for details.


    Please review the demos located in your public documents folder under. In particular see the new demo SwitchesAndImagesDemo form that is part of the MainDemo. They are located in your public documents folder under \Users\Public\Public Documents\FirePower\12.0\demos We have included two complete demo projects (for both Delphi and C++ Builder) that include all the demos, MainDemo and MainDemo_sqlite. They are identical except MainDemo_sqlite uses a sqlite database for the data where MainDemo uses inmemory data stored in the form’s fmx files. See Project | deployment to see the specifications of the files for deployment of the sqlite tables to iOS and Android.

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