TwwDBDataGrid FMX shows no TitleLines property



  • Michael Verhagen

    Thanks Roy.  It makes perfect sense to have a GroupName that accomplishes this much as we specify groups for RadioButtons, and I had simply missed the HeightTitle and was probably looking for something that started with "Title".

    When I change the HeightTitle more than a little, at design time I see text distortion and displacement that does not occur at run time.  This occurs in 10.3.3 under the latest Windows 10, whether the IDE is running under VMWare Fusion on a MacBook Pro 2016, or on a straight up Windows box.  In my use case, it's not a problem because the run-time looks good, but maybe it's something you or others care about.

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  • Roy Woll

    Column groups can be accomplished by specifying a group name. See DataGridControls.pas demo in the maindemo app.  The basic idea is to specify the groupname property of the column. You can change the title height by setting the HeightTitle property.

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