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  • Roy Woll

    I'm sorry about the lack of response to your question. Are you trying to insert an mage with code. You can insert an image using these methods of the TwwDBRichEdit


    procedure InsertImageFromFile(const AFileName: string);

    procedure InsertImageFromGraphic(const AGraphic: TGraphic);




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  • Jean Falkenstein

    is there a way to copy & paste pictures into your TwwDBRichEdit?
    Which would be the proper way to do it?

    TJvRichEdit seems to support this out of the box.

    Edit: (20.03.2024)
    It works only if you copy the image in MS Paint and paste it into TwwDBRichEdit,
    but copying it from other sources like a browser, i.e. right click "Copy Image" does
    not allow to paste the image into the TwwDBRichEdit.

    Many thanks
    Kind Regards

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