New version of InfoPower for Delphi 11.1?



  • Michael Verhagen

    If I understand your situation correctly, we would expect the InfoPower version that worked with 11.0 to at least be compatible with 11.1.  However, you have found that in some limited situation, the app will compile and run as expected except that one component misbehaves. 

    If that's a fair assessment of this situation, then it would be reasonable for me to install 11.1 and try the InfoPower that is currently available, while knowing of the problem you saw and while understanding that there could be other show-stoppers that will require an update to InfoPower.

    Please comment if you think that could be too much of an optimistic stretch.

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  • Charles Heaps

    Hi Michael - in general the latest Infopower (22.0.2) is working fine with Delphi 11.1 in my experience.  I use the grid control and many of the combo boxes.  The only issue I have seen so far is with the Richedit control and even that is an intermittent problem only occurring outside the IDE (for some reason). 

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  • Jim Rodimon

    did you find this TwwSaveFilter? if so please let me know.



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