wwDBGrid not properly displaying columns whendataset of wwDataSource changes


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  • Daniel Croghan

    Hello,  I thought I would try to use the "RestoreDesignSelected" method after I open the FDQuery in an attempt force the grid to display the proper columns... (again, the twwDBGrid1 and twwDBGrid2 are linked to the same twwDataSource and the twwDatasource is linked to the same TFDQuery only the ResultSet from the TFDQuery changes).

    Using the RestoreDesignSelected is having No effect on the grid's columns.  The wwDBGrid2 shows all the columns in the resultset Except the "Extra" field noted above.  Plus, wwDBGrid2 shows no column formatting or positioning as defined in the design of the wwDBGrid.

    I tried to review the Help for the wwDBgrid control and there isn't any additional information. 

    Is there some reason why 2 grids with different column definitions cannot be associated with the same twwDataSource but maintain separate Column layouts?  Any other suggestions? 

    Thank you

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