Best path to migrate legacy app to Rad Studio 11


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  • Michael Verhagen

    I've never done a migration across that many versions at once.  After using D5 for a long time, I went to D2007, D2010, DXE1, DXE3, DXE7 and then 10.1 10.3 10.4.  I can jump to 11.2 at any time and I too am current on the Woll2Woll licenses.  I just didn't want to go to an dot-zero release so I might soon go to 11.2.

    At one point, I did have to migrate all the way from D5 to D10.1 in one step.  As I recall, all I did was create the 10.1 environment with all the same 3rd-party libs and then try to compile.  I'm sure it took more than several days of work to complete this process as some syntax was no longer valid and some properties might have changed.  The app was over 100,000 total lines of DFM and PAS.

    Note that I was using dbGo/ADO and SQL-Server on most apps, but the D5-to-D10.1 migration was dbGo/ADO to MS Access.

    Have you tried creating the needed 11.x IDE with 3rd-party and then just compiling?

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